Our compliments to Dan and Chris. They are very polite and have done a good job communicating with us! Their quality of work is excellent!

We are so appreciative of everything you are doing for us.

Terry and Caroline

Our Process

We guarantee the highest quality because we use only the most skillful craftsmen, and we work tirelessly as a team to assure that our workers understand the vision that has been developed between the homeowner and Bradford Homes™ Remodeling.


At BHC we follow an established process that assures clear and specific analysis of the project's scope and cost.

In the first meeting we will get acquainted, develop a clear vision of the project, and assemble a broad overview of budget and design parameters.


In the second meeting we will have a frank discussion of the project's feasibility and explore any unique issues that may impact the time or cost. In this meeting we will decide if we are ready to proceed with a Construction Services Agreement.

The CSA brings together in one document a project outline, appropriate protections for both parties, along with various deadlines and logistics. Expectations for payment schedules and other financial issues will be resolved during this process.